Fort-Royal Homes are built to add to the aesthetic appeal of the environment, our mission is to create homes that are structurally sound and elegant to behold.


Here at Fort-Royal, we take a holistic approach to our homes, that is, a harmony between the structure and the environment. The experts at Fort- Royal Homes are dedicated in ensuring that your landscaping remains lush and beautiful all the time.


Apart from the construction of elegant homes, we at Fort- Royal Homes ensure that our structures are connected to the city’s vast road network; our roads are well lit and are well maintained. Whether you are driving home from a long day at work, or taking a walk with the family you enjoy the serenity of being on the right road.


Fort-Royal believes in designing and building homes where there is space for you to create your own haven , your very own fort. We understand that a home should have the space and capacity to adapt with you as the years go by, whatever home means to you, you have the space to express it.


At Fort-Royal we believe in giving you a home that represents you, a home that you can relax in and be you at your very best. We believe in giving you structures that give you peace of mind, whether you are living the high life on the 20th floor or the beautiful life in your Fort Royal bungalow, our homes are designed with you in mind, to give you that peace of mind.


Imagine a home where everything is in place, the tiles, the pillars, the colour scheme- everything is as you want it, well open your eyes and take a look at one of our Fort- Royal homes, we make your imagination a reality. At Fort Royal every client is treated as royalty so we design and build a castle to suit your peculiar need.


Fire Safety is an important part in the maintenance of Strata or Community scheme, and that is why we went all out to purchase contemporary fire fighting equipments and recruited appropriate personnel to keep Fort-Royal homes fire free. Apart from designing a home with your utmost comfort as priority, we also provide emergency services to ensure your home remains in tip top shape, such as fire services.


At Fort- Royal we have an eye for detail, we believe in excellence down to the last coat of paint or the last nail. Our home interiors are designed to give a welcome home like never before, with colours chosen in line with tomorrow’s trends, our home interiors are fully equipped to give you comfort within your home.


Your home is not a museum, at Fort Royal Homes we build homes that are beautiful to look at, structurally sound and best of all, practical to live in. Our fixtures and fittings are made of durable material to ensure you enjoy your home for many years


As part of our commitment to giving you an unique experience, Fort Royal has installed in all our estates dependable tranformers to ensure constant power supply, this is part of our commitment to your comfort and overall wellbeing.


We believe in designs that are executed in proper order, we believe in giving you homes that are laid out properly, a home where countless hours of thoughts and strategy has gone in to ensure an excellent outcome. Fort Royal believes in maintaining a proper layout of our estates as this adds to your overall welfare and comfort at your Fort Royal home.


Every Fort Royal home is designed with an eye for space both interior and exterior. Whether it is playing football with your children on a Saturday or hosting a few friends during the holidays, our exterior space have been properly laid out with durable interlocking tiles to add to the beauty of your home, we believe in space for you to enjoy your home whichever part of it you’re in.


From every angle, a Fort Royal Home works. Whether its in the appealing aesthetics, its strength, its durability, its functionality, its ability to accommodate any situation easily and to withstand pressure from the elements...just like you.


Your time is very valuable and it’s important for you to have quick and easy access to health service. With a new state-of-the-art Emergency Room, 60 beds capacity, expanded complete services that include sophisticated diagnostic technology all close to home its is the pleasure of Fort-Royal to provides world class care, close to home, It is our privilege to be your neighbor and health care resource.


Fort-Mart boasts of multiple anchors, plus the flagship stores of leading world-class brands. Shoppers have a wide range of options, with more than 20 shops supported by five-star customer service to make shopping convenient and enjoyable. From its visionary plan to its fulfillment, Fort-Mart has brought an elegance to shopping and set the standard for the upscale malling experience.


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Established in 2006, Fort Royal Homes Ltd has been part of the development and growth of Nigeria's Federal Capital Territory. While the roots of the firm pride itself on traditional values, it is an innovative and progressive partnership with a clear focus on modern business needs. Fort Royal sells a wide range of residential property from flats and townhouses to country houses and estates.

Misssion Statement
"Striving for excellence in all our adventures and undertakings, while we continue to implore the power of innovation, determination, honesty, integrity and people"

Welcome Home

These are the places where families put down roots and grow. For  years, Fort-royal been planning and  creating a true master-planned neighborhood where everything is thought of—and nothing is overlooked. We invite you to discover the many reasons why more and more people are choosing to Live Smart in a Fort-royal community in Abuja’s new Kyami district


Fort Royal Homes’ Buildings & Facilities

We are actively participating in providing affordable accommodation for everyone by developing mass housing estates in addition to our other property activities. Our sites have various property types built and finished to very high standards.
Fort Royal Homes Kyami Abuja is a 80 hectare property comprising over 1000 buildings  including duplexes, flats, semi detached and full detached units. The site boasts over 11km of tarred roads, 15km of surface sealed drainage as well as underground power cabling among others.


These are some of the equipment we use on sites.